STEAMing ahead at St. Mary's

It is now recognised that schooling should support the development of skills in cross disciplinary, critical and creative thinking, problem solving and digital technologies, which are essential in all 21st century occupations. These objectives lie at the core of the national science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) school education strategy to lift student engagement and attainment in STEM and improve student outcomes. At St. Mary’s we have added arts and call our work in these areas STEAM. Our students have displayed a keen interest and high level of engagement in our STEAM work and they are actively involved in the problem solving and learning process as well as in setting goals for their learning and mapping their path of research. The skills they practice through STEAM projects support them to develop a growth and life-long learning mindset as well as capabilities across STEAM areas. It is always wonderful to watch children to discover new potentials within themselves when engaged in STEAM activities.