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Staff 2022

  • Fr. Wahid Riad - Parish Priest

  • Mr. Ben Shields - Principal

  • Mrs. Krystal Burnett - Administration Officer

  • Mr. Mark O'Sullivan - Leader of Learning Diversity, Wellbeing, PE Specialist

  • Miss Emma Burge - Foundation/1 Teacher

  • Ms. Moira McNamara - Grade 1/2 Teacher

  • Mrs. Amanda Thomas - Deputy Principal, Grade 3/4 Teacher

  • Miss Isabella Berry-Smith - Grade 5/6 Teacher

  • Ms. AnneMaree Bernardo - Learning Support Officer

  • Mrs. Barb Burchett - Learning Support Officer, Library Technician

  • Ms. Diana Domonkos - Learning Support Officer

  • Miss Cindy Nguyen - Learning Support Officer

We see learning as a great creative adventure. We believe that children are naturally curious and eager to learn. We aim to tap into and  nurture this desire for learning in our students by providing a welcoming atmosphere where each child is accepted, challenged and supported to flourish as a person.

The history of St. Mary's school parallels that of many Victorian goldfields schools in so many goldfields towns whose growth and development reflect that of Castlemaine.

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