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Mathematics, like Literacy, has an essential role in empowering individuals to be able to function in our society as critical citizens. At St. Mary’s, we provide learning experiences for our students to develop numeracy skills both written and mental, an understanding of shapes and location, measurement skills, and problem solving strategies. 

We endeavour to achieve this throughout our daily work and we have an explicit one hour numeracy lesson each day which includes a focus on mental calculations, problem solving activities and open-ended tasks that provide challenging experiences for the students. They are supported in their learning with the use of a wide range of concrete materials and additional support through intervention programs when needed.


The standards we use for assessment are consistent with the Victorian Curriculum standards for Mathematics and supported by the Success in Numeracy Education (S.I.N.E) approach to teaching numeracy. The Grade 3 and Grade 5 students take part in the NAPLAN Australia wide testing program each year. 

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