School Twilight Sports

September 18, 2019

The vibe at our St. Mary’s Twilight Sports was positive in every way! Marquees, flags, running tracks, excited children, participation, team work, families, picnics, icy-poles and ribbons… all set us up for a super evening of participation and fun. Our oval and grounds were looking beautiful and the sun was shining.
Our marching parade was followed by a motivational talk from our sports captains before the students commenced their athletic events. It was a wonderful evening and a great coming together of our special community.
Our focus was on taking part and team work as well as practicing and showcasing athletic capabilities. I congratulate our children on the way they worked cooperatively, looking out for each other, cheering others on and approaching all events with the view to do their best. We hope that our children went home feeling a sense of achievement and that they all enjoyed the evening with their friends and families. This year McKilllop earned the Team Spirit trophy and Patrick secured the Athletics trophy.
Together we have achieved a great deal this term and I look forward to continuing our work as a St. Mary’s community to further develop our school so that our students flourish in every way.
Our Students are given regular opportunity to articulate their learning, the process of learning, and their strengths and struggles. In order for students to effectively communicate their achievement and learning, they must have regular opportunities to assess and articulate their progress toward learning targets. Regular reflection on progress creates opportunities for our children to set goals and become partners with their teachers in meeting the standards they set. Your children may enjoy some time set aside to reflect on their learning this term with you. They will also be looking forward to a break from the school routine during the term holidays.




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