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Literacy is the key to all learning. We provide teaching and learning opportunities that will motivate and engage students and develop the skills necessary for success at school and lead them to access the opportunities available to them in our world. 

In English students are immersed in language and learn to appreciate, enjoy and use language and develop a sense of its richness and power to evoke feelings, form and express ideas, to inform, persuade and to entertain. All teachers are trained in the OLSEL (Oral Language Supporting Early Literacy) approach which supports our children to deepen their understanding and capabilities in speaking and listening. This forms the foundation to reading and writing development.


Our English program incorporates the development of listening and speaking, reading and written skills within a daily two-hour literacy workshop focussing on whole class and small group instruction with opportunity to reflect and share their learning. 

To amplify the students’ learning and give meaning and opportunity to implement these skills they are linked with the integrated topic being investigated. 

A key feature of the program is the ongoing identification, planning and monitoring of students’ learning to ensure students’ individual needs are being met. 

Reading Recovery Program provides additional support to students in their second year of schooling and is an integral part of the program. 

Students may also participate in other supported reading programs including ERIK and Fountas and Pinnell which provides support for children further into their schooling. In Gr 5 and 6 the students work on the Reading to Learn program which looks at the grammar and composition of reading and writing. We welcome parental assistance within our literacy programs.

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